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Intro to the Church!

Thanks for checking out Sow Chicago, we are so glad you are here! Since we are a church meeting in the midst of a pandemic, like most churches right now we have a few ways we can continue to be there for you.


Join us on April 11th, May 16th, and June 13th @2:30 PM at Cornerstone Anglican Church:
5051 W Belle Plaine Ave, Chicago IL.
We upload a video on Sundays and watch it together as a church every Sunday at 2:30 PM. You can watch that with us online below.

Like our Facebook Page to join us weekly. | Watch previous Sermons here.


We also believe that we are imperfect people.

In need of Jesus but also in need of each other. We would like you to be able to connect with a group so that we can learn more about following Christ and also about how important it is to be there for each other at all times.


Special Events and Gatherings

Covid-19 Weekly Gathering Plans

Join us on April 11th, May 16th, and June 13th @2:30 PM at Cornerstone Anglican Church: 5051 W Belle Plaine Ave, Chicago IL. Eventually we will meet more often when things get safer. We are currently meeting online with small groups and weekly prayer in addition to the above. Eventually we do try to get together for prayer and quick message outside once a month. We also try to get together for monthly service projects. Check out our special events.


Our Staff

Meet the Team

Bryan Coble

Lead Pastor

Bryan is the lead pastor of Sow Chicago Community Church who moved here three years ago to serve the community. He is a community leader that is always looking for ways he can use his resources to love and serve the Irving Park community. He loves to read, hang in the city with his family, and drink coffee.

Marci Coble

Worship Director

Marci is a trained vocalist who has been leading worship since she was small. She is originally from Central Illinois and moved to Chicago three years ago with her husband Bryan. She is a leader in the church, a gifted teacher, and a leader in the community in which she loves.

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Join our Grow Team

We are looking for families, couples, and individuals with a heart to see the church grow and multiply throughout the city.


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